First-Rate Engineering Solutions

At PetroDeep, Ltd., we base our success on customer satisfaction. Our mission is simple: to provide our customers superior technology services through experience, field-proven equipment, on time deliveries, competitive pricing and exceptional HSE standards.

Our target is great: to be a “Solution-Provider” across the innovation and state-of-the-art technical support services and supplies. Our staff assists clients to perform their operations in a safe way and incident-free environment through its talented multi-national principals.



PetroDeep, Ltd. is specialized in scanning and conversion all physical data assets of the petroleum industry and the transition from a physical, analogue archive to a completely digital archive.

We can scan different types of records such;

  • Well Logs
  • Seismic lines
  • G & G Maps
  • All technical and Engineering Drawings
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Satellite images
  • Technical Charts
  • All types of Operational reports
  • All documents sizes up to A0

PetroDeep, Ltd. delivers your digitized files in the format and on the carrier of your preference, or makes them available online for viewing through a secure connection by staff members that have been authorized by you.

Using advanced search methods such as OCR, we are able to find your documents quickly and efficiently, and we can just as easily add new files.

Customized Solutions

We are specializing in high-end scan technologies and is the best partner for comprehensive document processes that place high demands on imaging techniques and automated document processing. GeoEnergy has expert knowledge in the field of the digitization of photographic materials and automated conversion techniques, such as the conversion of analogue to structured computer data through OCR/OMR/ICR.

PetroDeep, Ltd. has its own IT department, always ready and more than happy to develop a customized solution for you.

The digitized files can subsequently be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, tape or hard disk drives, and can also be viewed online through a secure web interface.

Those digitized files that legally require the original document being kept can be stored at GeoEnergy under optimal conditions. The indexing information pertaining to these files is stored in a primary relational database, creating a perfect link between the digital and the physically archived document or file.


PetroDeep, Ltd. can convert all your hard copy well log data with any quality to reliable and interpretation ready data in a wide range of industry standard formats.

  • Digitizing All Well Logs Types
  • All Log Header information is captured
  • Digitizing Dip meters/Tadpoles.
  • Smoothing of curves to remove anomalous values
  • Clean up and redisplay of log data to CGM format
  • Compositing and splicing several runs to one set.


PetroDeep, Ltd. create your final Composite Log after Drilling and Testing.

Update previous or old Composite logs to add any additional Data, symbols, features, deepening logging, test results, completion data and even correct any previous wrong data.

  • We can build your own design with any specific needs, this is in addition to infinity range of templates are ready to use.
  • Renew old composite log to new colored and variable scales composite Log.


Well integrity is the application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well. 

PetroDeep, Ltd. provides a full well integrity management system, ranging from baseline evaluation through system development and execution to provision of training to clients. 

  • Well integrity services
  • Well design reviews
  • Well Integrity analysis
  • Development of Well Integrity Management Systems
  • Integrity risk assessments
  • Recommendation of remedial actions
  • Implementation of remedial solutions
  • MAASP reviews and calculations

Incident investigation for well integrity failures

PetroDeep, Ltd. involves well integrity engineers, well completion  engineers and intervention supervisors. Through the other services lines, including wireline services and cased hole logging. PetroDeep, Ltd. guarantees that the full spectrum of services required to fulfil all our client’s well integrity concerns will be achieved in a professional way.


Using the most up-to-date technology in conjunction with highly skilled employees we are able to deliver a product that is accurate and dependable.

Services offered:

  •  Fishing
  •  BHP/BHT
  •  Sand Bailing
  •  Pulling & Setting of Subsurface
  •  Safety Devices
  •  Gas Lift Operations
  •  Swabbing
  •  Tubing Leak Testing
  •  Zone Change
  •  Wax Cutting
  •  Work Over/Completions Tools
  •  Tubing Perforation
  •  Setting of Bridge Plugs & Packers without Pyrotechnics


Services offered:

  • Production Logging
  • Cement Bond Logging
  • Perforating
  • Setting Services
  • Reservoir saturation monitoring (carbon-oxygen and pulsed neutron)
  • Casing and tubing inspection.


PetroDeep, Ltd. provides safe, customized and Accurate well testing service. With well-designed equipment and innovative technology, we deliver complete well testing solutions and effective operations in all testing environments.

Our services include:

  • Exploration and appraisal well testing 
  • Development well testing 
  • Production well testing

Specific services include:

  • Surface testing
  • Multiphase flow meter
  • Surface PVT sampling
  • Bottom hole PVT sampling
  • Drill stem testing