PetroDeep highlights the significance of Refining as a major sector of the Petroleum Industry. Our training courses under this key area will examine the intricacies of refining processes, economics and operations, as well as the current market trends across the global petrochemical industry. They also feature success factors in integrating refiningl industries, as lead by experts who have supported the strategic planning and development of leading oil refineries and companies in the world.
PetroDeep offers a selection of Refining Training Courses & Seminars that cover a wide range of specialized topics including Energy Optimisation of Oil Refineries, Refinery Process Yield Optimisation, Hydrotreating & Hydrocracking Process Technology, Petroleum Refining, Production Planning, and Oil Supply & Trade, among others. Our training courses will be delivered by world renowned consultants with many years of diversified and global experience in the refining industry.