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Over the last few years, the oil patch has experienced technological advancements that have made it easier for Engineers to manage their wells, Accounting to manage its books, IT to manage its servers, and even owners and partners to manage their cashflow and health of their business.

Over the last few years, the oil patch has experienced technological advancements that have made it easier for Engineers to manage their wells, Accounting to manage its books, IT to manage its servers, and even owners and partners to manage their cashflow and health of their business.

PetroDeep‘s engineers use a wide range of software for project planning, reservoir evaluation, well and completion engineering design.



A successful business is where the resources are optimally matched with the requirements. PetroDeep helps you to develop a clearly defined strategy. We strive to provide the optimum in consultation services with integrity and uncompromising ethical standard and cost effective manner.

  • Expertise in evaluation of existing oil pools (conventional, unconventional oil/gas and heavy oil) for enhanced oil recovery.
  • Provide engineering reservoir expertise to optimize the recovery and increase oil and gas reserves.
  • Find and develop new EOR opportunities on existing and prospective company assets in cooperation with area teams.
  • Develop overall field development plans for different EOR projects, including, but not limited to chemical flooding.
  • Coordinate laboratory procedures aimed to assess EOR project feasibility for different pools.
  • Experience in Geomodeling & application of Geostatistics
  • Reservoir Characterization & Uncertainty Quantification
  • Experience in Reservoir Geomechanics (stress analysis, coupled reservoir-geomechanical simulations),
  • Probabilistic Data Integration and resource estimation to support SAGD well/drainage-area placement optimization in reservoir development.
  • Perform reservoir simulation as part of the EOR projects, from conceptual models to pilot and sector simulations to eventually full field models.
  • Evaluate oil and gas reservoir performance, depletion strategies, infill drilling, re-entering and completion.
  • Perform reserve evaluation, technical and economic evaluations.
  • Conduct reservoir simulation to evaluate reserves, recoveries and predict reservoir performance.

Data Collection and Validation

Wireline and mud logs, core data, production data, outcrop information, seismic and other pertinent data

Core Description, Facies Analysis and Depositional Modeling

  • Examine the physical core, describe characteristics, facies and depositional environment.
  • Petrology

Well Correlation

Reservoir unit ties across field

Stratigraphic and Structural Framework

Both are done simultaneously

Reservoir Properties Development

Formation evaluation (petrophysics) net reservoir, porosity, saturation, permeability by flow unit, by facies.

Reservoir Model Construction

  • Structure maps
  • Populate model w/ rock and fluid properties by zone and facies to validate.

Development & Depletion Planning

  • Determine number of wells and platforms needed
  • Facilities / process for ordering equipment

Reservoir Simulation

Validate model with production history matching, if available.

Economic Analysis

Forecasting and development of optimal scenario using economic analysis.


PetroDeep, Ltd. provide complete petrophysical and well log analysis, including the integration of open-hole and cased-hole logging data with core analysis and geologic core descriptions. We use the latest technology and software in the manipulation and analysis of large data sets with diverse log types. We have the expertise to interpret the latest array resistivity, dipole sonic, and nuclear magnetic resonance tools and we’re on top of the latest developments in data acquisition and analysis.

  • Expertise in log interpretation and analysis of clastic and carbonate reservoirs
  • Open hole and cased hole (TDT, PLT, CBL/VDL) log analysis
  • QC of well log data, including evaluation and database
  • Advanced Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Special core analysis,
  • Petrophysical evaluation by performing core–log integration, rock typing, integration of geological (SEM, XRD, Thin section) and production data applied to petrophysics
  • Quantification of hydrocarbon reserves, identification and evaluation of prospective oil zones.
  • Uncertainty analysis (Monte Carlo)
  • Seismic rock properties (Fluid Substitution and rock mechanics parameters)
  • NMR analysis (T2 array interpretation), rock physics
  • Formation pressure analysis and fluid sampling (MDT, RFT)
  • Log evaluation of heavy oil reservoirs


 Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data.

  • Regional and prospect seismic interpretation.
  • Experience working in extension and compressional geologic environments.
  • Tie of well and seismic data
  • Seismic sequence stratigraphy experience
  • Seismic attribute analysis (coherence/curvature/spectral decomposition/ seismic facies analysis and other seismic attributes).
  • Reservoir Geophysics experience.
  • AVO and Inversion analysis.
  • Fault/Fracture Characterization.
  • 3D Seismic Data Visualization.
  • Interpretation of a large seismic database and promoting the acquisition of new seismic surveys and recommendations for enhanced processing of seismic data.
  • Providing geophysical support to building and maintaining 3D geological models (fault and reservoir models).
  • Integrated Reservoir Characterization.
  • Prospect Generation and Risk Assessment.


PetroDeep, Ltd. create your final Composite Log after Drilling and Testing. Update Previous Composite log to add any New Data, Symbols, Features, Deepening,Logging, Test Results, Completion data and correct any previous wrong data.

  • GeoEnergy can build your own design with any specific needs, this is in addition to infinity range of templates are ready to use.
  • Renew old composite log to New Colored and Variable Scales composite Log.


PetroDeep, Ltd. has a ready resource pool of expertise and software professionals to provide you with on-site consultants at a short notice. Our consultants have the skills and experience to analyze your business processes; they will work with you to provide customized solutions based on your operational and business objectives. PetroDeep Offers:

  • Wellsite Geologists
  • Paleontologists
  • Sedimentologists
  • Mud Loggers
  • Geophysicists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Mud Engineers


Helping clients optimize production and hydrocarbon recovery, minimize development and operating costs without compromising reliability, operations or HSE.

We provide technical solutions from the near wellbore sandface through to the 1st stage separator across the key areas of stimulation, sand control and sand management, wellbore hydraulic modelling, artificial lift, flow assurance and completion design, including smart wells.

We carry out this work as either single-discipline (discrete) projects or as part of a multi-discipline team providing fit-for-purpose design.


We help you make more informed decisions with respect to field development and maximise hydrocarbon recovery.

We provide dynamic reservoir simulation models using commercially-available software packages for gas, retrograde-condensates and oil fluid types using black oil or fully compositional fluid models.

Our support in these areas often focuses on projects which integrate the reservoir simulation with the detailed well models and a coupled network. We also carry out classical reservoir engineering projects in the areas of material balance calculations, decline curve analysis and reservoir fluid characterisation.


Flow assurance is a multidisciplinary process designed to prevent pipe blockage and help ensure uninterrupted, optimum productivity in oil and gas streams. 

The studies involve sampling, specialized lab testing, and production and facilities engineering. 

Specific services include hydrate testing to determine the temperature and pressure conditions of hydrate formations in reservoir fluids, testing to evaluate the effectiveness of chemical inhibitors, and reservoir flow testing to detect and characterize precipitated solids that inhibit flow, such as waxes and asphaltenes.

Accrete offers production enhancement through the use of crosslinked polymers, tracer technology, near wellbore stimulation, and nano particles technology. 

Accrete designs, develops and applies various polymer systems to combat excess water from production wells, and water injection into thief zones, thereby diverting the injected fluids to the unswept/underswept zones in the injection wells.


Reservoir simulation refers to building a model that represents and describes your reservoir. The purpose of simulation is estimation of field performance (e.g. oil recovery) under one or more production schemes. Whereas the field can be produced only once, at considerable expense, a model can be produced or run many times at low expense over a short period of time. Observation of model results that represent different producing conditions aids selection of an optimal set of producing conditions for the reservoir.


Focus towards getting maximum value from the field based on: 

  • Understanding the field today (being able to quantify how well the field is doing)
  • Knowing the behaviour of the field under different conditions (chokes, gas lift gas allocation, injection strategies etc.)
  • Knowing how to control the field to honour targets:
  • Technical
  • Commercial


The estimation of reserves is more than just a periodic, statutory calculating and reporting of company assets (although those are important functions); it is an essential element of investment planning and resource management for every prudent operator. Estimating reserves begins with identifying a drillable prospect, and it continues while the prospect is developed and placed on production, and thereafter as warranted by well and/or reservoir performance, new geologic data, competitor (offset) operations, unitization, contract renegotiation, improved technology, and/or changing economic conditions.


Improved oil recovery is the implementation of various techniques for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oilfield. IOR includes formation stimulation, Optimization of artificial lift methods, field management and enhanced oil recovery methods.

PetroDeep, Ltd. will study all the opportunities that can increase the recovery from your oil field. We will guarantee the increase of production before we start to apply our studies.

For EOR methods, we make screening criteria to study the most suitable EOR method for your reservoir.